Friday, September 16, 2016

Eleven Months Old

Exactly one year ago today, Kevin snapped this picture of me.  My due date was just shy of two months away from this picture.  I felt like I still had eternity to go until "Baby J" arrived.  Who knew it would be exactly one month later.

Fast forward a year, and now I have this--a funny, energetic, lovable, go-with-the-flow, almost-a-toddler baby boy.

My baby boy is starting his transition to toddlerhood.  He is finally figuring out how to move around, much to this momma's dismay.  He has learned to sit up when he's lying down, pull himself up to a standing position with the assistance of furniture, and is starting to master crawling.  His "baby days" are numbered and this momma is having a hard time accepting his growing up.

Happy eleven months, Gavin Lucas.  I love you more than I know how to express.

My Little Explorer

Gavin has really been moving as of late.  He is trying to figure out crawling.  He is figuring out how to move across the room.  If you look away, Gavin is most definitely in another spot.

Today, I was working on a project on the computer.  Gavin was playing with his toys; rolling, crawling, and stretching his away to where ever the wind blew him.  I heard him fuss.  I looked for him, and found that Gavin found himself stuck.

As a good mom, I quickly snapped a picture before coming to his rescue.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Trust Fall

Gavin continues to amaze us each and every day.  He is a ball of energy.  He is funny.  He is learning to laugh.  He is learning the art of showing off, playing it up for an audience.

Tonight, Meghan and Datin stopped by.  Gavin took this opportunity to get a few laughs and show that he can fall backwards from a seated position.  Repeatedly.

My boy is so silly.  I love him.


Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day

Our ward at church hosted a Labor Day 5K fun run/walk.  We met at 7:30 am at Wehrspann Lake to start our fun run/walk.  Meghan joined our family as we walked along the trail.  Gavin took his nap in the stroller.  Eventually we came to a crossroads: do we take the short cut or do we go for the 5K.  We came for a 5K and a 5K we did.

It only took us an hour, but it was a great walk.  It felt great to get out and walk.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

I Think He's Got It

I think Gavin learned something from therapy.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

We're Going to the Zoo

The weather was perfect!  It was sunny.  It was warm.  It was happy.  We decided that we did not want to stay inside all day.  I said to Kevin that we should go to the zoo today.  Kevin agreed.  We bought a zoo pass and now we can go as many times as we would like.

Gavin did fantastic in the stroller.  He just went with the flow.  No fussing...except we got him out of the stroller once and fussed when we put him back in.  He mostly sat in his stroller and relaxed.

While at the zoo, I had my Walkmeter app going.  It clocked us walking the equivalent of a 5K.  It was fantastic exercise.

The lazy sea lions resting on the rock, while three other
sea lions are giving a show for the spectators.

Gavin looking out to the pond of koi fish.

Happy Gavin

Monkey on the island in the koi pond

I am loving the new African Grasslands exhibit.  Here is a lion
watching out over the land.  It reminds me of Pride Rock on
the Lion King.

One of two crates on display in the African Grasslands exhibit.
This is a crate that a lion would be in to travel.  They also
had a crate that one of the new six elephants came to Omaha in from
Swaziland, Africa back in March.

Cheetah on the prowl towards some watchful kids.

A parot sitting freely on a pergola in the Garden of the Sens

The new giraffe exhibit has spectators on eye level with these
graceful creatures.  They were extremely close to us.

Gavin and his Daddy watching the giraffes.

Gavin watching giraffes.

Watching the orangutans.  

Baby orangutan that was cute to watch.

Momma orangutan climbed up to the top of the enclosure with
baby holding on to her hair.  Once at the top, the baby climbed off
Momma and onto the ropes.  He swung for a second and then
climbed right back on Momma.


We feed Gavin at 7 am everyday.  So I'm up by then, attempting to function.  Weekends are not different from the week days.  That's life with a baby.

Today, Kevin left early to go on a mountain bike ride with the Scouts.  I sat at the kitchen table and began feeding Gavin.

I filled the syringe with a full 30 cc's and gave it to Gavin, drink by drink, 3 cc's at a time.  He gulped down that syringe full.  I leaned over the table to refill the syringe.

Then I was moving.

I paused and realized I wasn't physically moving myself in the motion I was feeling.  It was a calm, rocking sensation.  I rocked gently into the kitchen table.  I became confused.

What is this?  Is this an earthquake?  Nebraska doesn't have earth quakes.  Am I going crazy?  Did something hit my house?

I wanted confirmation as to what I felt was real.  Kevin had pulled out of the driveway.  I looked to Gavin.  A 10-month old wouldn't help.  I looked behind Gavin and saw my long Venetian blinds gently swaying back and forth, in perfect synchronization.

I texted Kevin at 7:07 am saying I thought I felt an earthquake.  He responded, "Whaaaa?"  He was driving and didn't notice anything unusual.  In between drinks to Gavin I searched the all-knowing internet.  Surely, if I really did feel an earthquake I'll be able to find it online.

I "Googled" earthquakes and tried to find a website or anything listing recent earthquakes.  As I scrolled down I saw this:

I knew that earthquakes could be felt hundreds of miles away.  I must have felt this earthquake.

Once I knew I wasn't crazy, I turned to Facebook to see if anyone else noticed.  Yes, I wasn't alone.  And it seems that I wasn't alone in my initial thoughts.  Nebraska does not have earthquakes and everyone thought they were also going crazy.

From the Omaha World Herald:

Nebraskans and Iowans who sensed swaying in their sleep Saturday morning weren’t dreaming.

An earthquake that originated in Oklahoma caused mirrors to move and buildings to sway just after 7 a.m. in eastern Nebraska. Residents throughout the Midwest and beyond, from Texas to Iowa and Tennessee to Arizona, felt the earthquake.
“I just knew I was feeling an earthquake,” said Artie Doyle, 82, of Bellevue. “Man, I’ll tell ya.”
Nebraska Public Power District’s Cooper Nuclear Station declared the earthquake an “unusual event” and stepped up monitoring of its equipment. The utility said the plant continued to operate safely and with no threat to the public or NPPD personnel.
Two earthquake experts at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln said it’s possible that the process of wastewater injection — pumping salty, dirty water into the earth after oil and gas production work — caused the earthquake. One of the professors, Caroline Burberry, said earthquakes, while rare in Nebraska, appear to be increasing because of human-induced activities such as wastewater injection and fracking.
The U.S. Geological Survey determined the earthquake Saturday was magnitude 5.6. A weaker earthquake from Oklahoma could be felt by some in southern Nebraska early this year, Burberry said.
Tracy Frank, chairwoman of UNL’s department of earth and atmospheric sciences, said a fault in Oklahoma possibly was affected by wastewater injection. She dismissed the notion that Nebraskans could be at risk of severely destructive earthquakes.
“Here in Nebraska? No, I don’t think so,” she said. “We’re in a very stable area.”
In Omaha, Douglas County dispatchers fielded about 50 calls Saturday morning from people who reported feeling the earthquake, said shift supervisor Todd Connely. None mentioned damage, he said. The force of an earthquake diminishes as it moves from the epicenter.
Rose Harbison, 64, of Omaha said her husband, Marvin, told her the “mirror on our bedroom wall bounced against the wall” and swayed for a while. “I was sound asleep,” she said.
Facebook contained many descriptions of the event. “My bed started shifting and the clothes in my closet were moving from left to right!” one wrote.
Another said: “I thought the dog was shaking the couch.”

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gavin's First Graduation

Today was a momentous day for us, especially for Gavin.  Its Gavin's very first graduation!  He graduated from his intensive feeding therapy.  He has come a remarkable way in a short amount of time.  Kevin and I are so proud of our little guy.

Gavin has made tremendous strides in his oral feeds.  Just 8 weeks ago, Gavin was tube fed for all six meals with very little going in orally.  He would cry, scream, and wiggle away.  Now, he drinks from a cup, eats off a spoon, and only has one tube feed all day!!!  He will even open his mouth wide as he sees the cup or spoon coming towards him.

We are amazed at his progress and are so proud of him.  Gavin had amazing therapists who worked mighty miracles.  I shed many tears of joy, bewilderment, and gratitude throughout the day.  Many prayers have been answered.

Jenn presenting Gavin his "Baby Bottle Boot Camp" Certificate

Gavin's Primary Therapist, Callie

Gavin with Allison, a therapist who worked with him

Gavin with Jenn, our supervising therapist

Gavin with Jamie, one of his favorite therapist

Family Photo

Gavin and Daddy

Gavin and Momma

One Happy Family

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Germs Have Attacked

My poor baby boy.

Yesterday, was a rough therapy day.  Kevin took time off work to train on feeding Gavin.  Gavin did great for dad the first meal, but progressively got fussier and vomited a lot as the day went on.  The therapists wondered if Gavin was getting sick because this is not normal behavior for him and had a runny nose.  They wondered if Gavin was testing his dad, so the therapists fed him a meal.  His behavior did not change.  Therefore, he must be getting sick.  I figured it was allergies since we were outside a lot over the weekend.

The therapists told us that if Gavin is still not himself in the morning to stay home.  Having another day like Monday would not be productive.

So this morning, I woke Gavin up to feed him breakfast and to assess if we would be going to therapy.  This is what my baby boy looked like:

Swollen eyes.  Puffy face.  Snot out of his nose.
The signs point to sick.
He tried to drink his formula, but had a challenging time figuring out how to breathe out his mouth while simultaneously swallowing formula.  I made the call to stay home and rest today.

The only thing better than sick baby snuggles are
healthy baby snuggles.
By the evening time, Gavin still had a runny nose but was more playful and happy.